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Bien vivre son expatriation - 03-Motivation



There was a young man, you know, who wanted to make a lot of money and so he went to this guru, right. And he told the guru you know I wanna be on the same level you are and the guru said if you wanna be on the same level I’m on, I’ll met you tomorrow at the beach.

So the young man got there 4 A.M. he already to rock n’ roll. Got on a suit should of wore shorts. The old man grabs his hand and said: How bad do you wanna be successful? He said: “Real bad”. He said: Walk on out in the water. So he walks out into the water. Watch this. When he walks out to the water he goes waist deep and goes like this guy crazy.

Hey ( ) I wanna make money and he got me out here swimming. I didn’t ask to be a lifeguard. I wanna make money he got me in – so he said come on a little further – walked out a little further – then he had it right around this area – the shoulder area – so this old man crazy – he making money but he crazy. So he said come on out a little further – came out a little further, it was right at his mouth – my man, I’m not about to go back in this guy is out of his mind. And the old man said: “I thought you said you wanted to be successful?” He said: “I do.” He said: “Then walk a little further.” He came, dropped his head in, held him down, hold him down, my man (kept scratching) hold him down, he had him held down, just before my man was about to pass out, he raised him up. He said: “I got a question for you.” He told the guy, he said: “When you want to succeed as bad as you wanna breathe than you will be successful.”

I don’t know how many of you all got asthma here today? If you ever had a asthma attack before your short of breath S.O.B shortness of breath, you wheezing (breath sound) the only thing you trying to do is get some air. You don’t care about no basketball game, you don’t care about what’s on T.V., you don’t care about nobody calling you, you don’t care about a party. The only thing you care about when you trying to breathe is to get some fresh air. That’s it! And when you get to the point where all you wanna do is be is successful as bad as you wanna breathe then you will be successful. And I’m here to tell you that number one, most of you say you wanna be successful but you don’t want it bad, you just kind of want it. You don’t want it bad than you wanna party. You don’t want it as much as you want to be cool. Most of you don’t want success as much as you want sleep. Some of you lost sleep more than you lost success. And I’m here to tell you today, if your going to be successful you gotta be willing to give up sleep. You gotta be willing to work with 3 hours of sleep – 2 hours of sleep, if you really wanna be successful. Some day your gonna have to stay up 3 days in a row. Because if you go to sleep you might miss the opportunity to be successful. That’s how bad you gotta (inaudible).

You gotta go days without – LISTEN TO ME! You gotta want to be successful so bad that you forget to eat. My ( ) said say, once she was on the set doing her thang, three days had gone by and she forgot that she didn’t eat. Cause she was engaged. I never forget, I went, 50 Cent was doing his movie, I did a little research on 50 and 50 said: that when he wasn’t do the movie he was doing the soundtrack. And they said: “When do you sleep?” 50, and 50 said: “Sleep, sleep is for those people who are broke. I don’t sleep.” See I got an opportunity to make my dream become a reality. Don’t cry to quits. You already in pain, you already hurt. Get a reward from it. Don’t go to sleep until you succeed. Listen to me, I’m here to tell you today you can come here and and you can jump up – you can do flips and you can be excited when we give away money but listen to me, you will never be successful, I don’t have to give you a dime if you ( ) You won’t be successful until you say I don’t need that money cause I got it in here.

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